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  1. Paul Sabourin says:

    Thank you very much for stopping over at the Museum Ship Valley Camp… Remember… I’m on board T-W-T… and R&R F-S-S-M.

  2. Martin R. Bliss says:

    I have many photo’s of the Chief inside and out and I would be happy to share them. I have photo of my cousin Doug Litzner which appeared in the Detroit Free Press when the Chief was tied up in Mackinaw City. Doug was a deckhand/wheelsman also a second cousin Bob Tamblyn senior and junior. I live in Stockbridge Mich. But like to join your group. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks Martin Bliss

    • Doug Taylor says:

      Martin, Please send any and all pictures to this e-mail: and I will put them in a separate photo file with your name on it. Anybody else have any photo’s of the Chief, feel free to send them the same way. Please use jpeg format, Thank You,

      Doug Taylor

  3. Bill & Carol Brown says:

    Thanks for this site! So many people will have great memories due to this wonderful spot!

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