Fundraiser & Work Project Ideas

  Chief Wawatam Fundraiser & Work Project Ideas

  • We need an interim board started, consisting of community leaders, engineers, contractors, curators, organizers. Anybody that feels that they could put somewhat of an effort into this cause.
  •  “Paver Bricks” w/names of Contributors on them ($100.00 a brick?), or even a Plaque for the larger Contributors.
  • Fund Raiser Concert at the Chief Wawatam Park (When does Park Open?) I could get a good band from down state. Run it like the Music Festival they just had. 1800 people?
  • Sell Badges at the School lever to involve Kids. Badges would keep Public Option Alive, if everybody was wearing one. Get businesses to offer some sort of discounts when wearing badges.
  • 50/50 raffles All Over Town – To get some immediate operating money. (Maybe a Quad or Snowmobile later?)
  • Make a Campaign out of this.
  • Get the town’s people involved, it belongs to them. Get Public Support!!! Get the school kids involved and the local paper, have fun with it, maybe the town will get connected again.
  • Include a Float “Of The Elevator” in any up coming Parades.
  • Heritage Days in August – Meeting (get together for families that had family members that worked on the Chief Wawatam.)
  • Sell Bumper Stickers  “Remember the Chief” or “Hail to the Chief” or “Save the Chief’s Elevator” or get a contest to name the Bumper Sticker, or better yet, kids to name it.
  • Sell T-Shirts (I’ve already seen some-Robert Tamlyn and his wife had them on when I interviewed him, they looked cool)
  • Put Donation Buckets around different businesses.
  • Visual Artifacts belonging to the Chief? Mackinaw State Park has some they aren’t using. Maybe put on loan at the Museum?
  • “Elevator A Frames” could be made into a “Mock Up” or Cosmetic Restoration” Rebuilt on higher ground.
  • The Chiefs engine could be cleaned up and painted and put under a roof, somewhat like the boat is by BC Pizza? The one at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI.  runs with an electric motor. Just another idea, under a donation program.
  • Even the concrete structure piers, if cleaned from trees and brush, would sill look like the strong and mighty structures they once was. Like a freshly mowed lawn. Neglect?
  • Other towns have their proud display of whatever they were associated with. Iron Mountain, you can actually go down into an Iron mine, on a mini train.
  • Get Pride started. The whole town of Ludington turned out for the re-launching of the S.S. Badger years back.
  • If the City can’t afford the project, please endorse it, with all your glory. Make it a proud event, maybe a parade to kick it off.

NOW, feel free to make a suggestion, or comment on one already on the above List!!!

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