This page contains Links that will take you to Videos and Photo Gallery’s of the Chief Wawatam. If you have pictures you would like to share, please contact us at:

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Chief Wawatam by Danny Adler. Youtube (20:58 Min) This is probably one of the best videos that exists on the inside of the Chief Wawatam. In the summer of 1988 Danny Adler a qualified steam locomotive fireman was granted permission by MDOT to inspect the boat as a consultant on behalf of the David Joseph Metals Co. They were interested in doing a study on the viability in preserving the boat in recognition of her great historical significance.

Chief Wawatam’s Origional Flags from the Maiden Voyage.

Chief Wawatam – YouTube (4:22 Min)

Chief Wawatam 1 – YouTube (1976) (7:42 Min.)

Chief Wawatam 2 – YouTube (5:57 Min.)

Chief Wawatam Engine – YouTube (1911) (1:27 Min.) Ship’s Triple Expansion Steam Engine 1500 HP – Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Since the Chief has been gone for so long and having no videos of the steam engine operations we have substituted a YouTube Video from the S.S. Badger which still sails out of Ludington, Michigan today. Most controls of steam ships were done with this form of time proven control (chadburn to engine room) This is also the way the S.S. Titanic was operated as well. (This video is very informative)

Bruce Oldenberg’s Photo’s of the Chief Wawatam – Time for ‘Oldies but Goodies’ from 1978 (Part 1)

Bruce Oldenberg’s Photo’s of the Chief Wawatam  MESSAGES COLLECTED AFTER THE ‘CHIEF’ PAGE WAS POSTED (Page 2)

Chief’s Elevator Collapse – Doug Taylor Collection

Miscellaneous Photo’s of the Chief

Model of the Chief and the Loading Apron Elevator:

Chief’s Crew Photo’s

Photo of the Chief’s Crew by Jessica Hill

The Chief’s Engine was moved on Wednesday September 26, 2012 from Arnold Lines Mill Slip to The Feed Station. Chief’s Engine Moving Photos

Chief Wawatam Album – Courtesy Robert E. Tamlyn (Chief Engineer 1975-1979)

Chief’s Dock Demolishion by Maverick Construction

Chief Wawatam Docking at Mackinac Island

Chief Wawatam T-Shirt

Some very good video of the Michilimackinac area after 1:01:45 and of the Chief Wawatam after 1:05:00 in the video. Check it out below.

Around Chicago (circa 1941-1960)   (1:07:41 Min.)













3 Responses to PHOTO’S

  1. Stephen LaJoice says:

    Great start on your organization. I read in the Saint Ignace News that you have plans to save and restore The Chiefs engine. Count me in. Up front I’ll donate $250.00 to the project. Let me know who and where to send it to.

    The Chief has a long history in our family. My Grandfather Albert LaJoice worked 40 years as a Fireman, Oiler and Watertender and retired in 1962. I remember visiting him many times in the late 50’s early 60’s. This was the time when the galley was still serving meals.

    Thanks for preseving a good piece of local history.


    • Doug Taylor says:

      Stephen LaJoice,

      Thank You very much for this donation and the Spirit you have brought to this project. Chuck and I have already had a few people wanting to donate money, so I think the ball is already rolling, you might say.

      We are just getting the acct. set up at First National Bank of St. Ignace. I have talked to Jim North the Manager and he’s going to let all his personnel at the bank know of this acct. (Friends of the Chief). I’m thinking it will be open by closing on Friday.

      Chuck and I have already talked about posting all donation funds on this website, with the persons name and date, or anonymously, if that is preferred. I will be making a Donation Page from the Menu on the website soon.

      Thank You again,

      Doug Taylor, Friends of the Chief.

  2. Rhonda Webb says:

    Awesome job Doug!

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