Chief Dock Update: 4/26/2012

6. CHIEF DOCK UPDATE: City Manager Therrian stated that the Army Corp of Engineers inspected the Chief Dock area today. In addition, the Army Corp and DEQ found it paramount to issue a 20-day Public Notice due to high public interest. Comments will be received and reviewed on the removal of debris and the placement of riprap in the area, which will stall the startup date for the cleanup project forward to the second week of May. City Manager Therrian stated that he hasn’t received any comment from Ryba regarding a problem with the project start date being extended into May. Ryba has made arrangements to off load the debris on the Mill Slip and have Waste Management remove it. Councilmember Della-Moretta inquired on the status of the group that voiced their interest for the debris at the last meeting. City Manager Therrian stated that they still have not submitted a plan for storage and removal, or a letter taking ownership of the debris.

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